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Dos and don'ts of renovation of flat

By - Magnum

Renovation of your flat without consent of your Housing Society or Apartment Owners Association is illegal. An apartment owners association in any state may be registered under - the Societies Registration Act. Every society has its own set of bye-laws, formulated within the frame work of the Society act, for the state concerned. All members of the association are bound by the bye-laws. No addition or alteration of existing flat in an apartment can be done without consent of Housing society or Apartment owners association. Following are Do's and Don'ts for renovation of your Flat. Do's Do make application to the Secretary of the society, giving all the required particulars. Do get acknowledgement from the Secretary of society on receipt of application. Do get communication from Secretary of society in writing if your application has been accepted and get No Objection for starting renovation work. Do abide all rules laid down by the society and ensure same are being followed by you in terms of working hours. Do keep all the sanitary pipes, water pipes and its fittings in good conditions by replacing the broken parts promptly Do maintain firefighting installation through qualified agencies. Do dump the debris in an approved plot. For debris lying on the footpaths or roadside, you may be liable to be fined. Do take safety of residents in concern when moving or shifting construction materials in and out of your flat. Do get approval from local authority for respective change or addition in your flat. Do keep your apartment and premises clean after completion of renovation works. Don'ts Don't change in horizontal or vertical existing dimensions of the structure. Don't change locations of bathroom/ WC/ kitchen sink, in a way that can cause leakage to residents below. Don't replace or removal of any structure members of load bearing walls. Don't merge tenancies by removal or opening of any walls in between two or more tenancies. Do not allow any unauthorized additions/ alt